product, design, user experience

  • You desperately want to launch a new feature, but your team is too busy.
  • You have a brilliant idea for an app but no UI.
  • You have an amazing service that users just don’t understand.
  • Your conversion numbers are not meeting goals.





Exhibit A   SERVICES


  • Web and Mobile Product Design
  • Ideation
  • Pitch Documents
  • Data Analysis
  • On-boarding and Optimization


  • Pixel Perfect Mockups
  • Brand and Identity Design
  • Interactive Style Guides
  • Facelifts


  • Site Anatomies
  • Site Maps and Wireframes
  • User Flows and Personas
  • Taxonomy and Content Strategy
  • Social Networking Integration


  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Registration and Cart Optimization
  • Email Communications Strategy
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

Exhibit B   WORK

The Empire State Building Observatory

Selling more tickets to the world's most famous building

I cut a six page checkout to a single, minimal page and put new analytics tools in to measure clicks. I built new landing pages and a mobile checkout flow that works flawlessly on iPhone or Android. Not surprisingly, conversion has nearly doubled in under a year.



Baby Gear Startup

Baby Gear Startup

A great idea in need of a UI (coming soon)

An entrepreneur came to me with a wonderful idea about crowdsourcing and organizing opinions on baby gear for new parents. Over eight weeks, we worked together to build a lean prototype for testing, and when it passed, a real app that incorporates API feeds, social sharing, and e-commerce into a friendly, colorful UI.




Rethinking the user experience

Q: How do you get users to invest themselves in your product when the real payoff is weeks, or even months in the future? A: Give them frequent small rewards along the way. Remove obstacles. Limit user choices and set smart defaults. Follow up with a communications program that gets people back to the site early and often.



How About We...

Onboarding and profiling

Dating sites with empty profiles are no fun, but neither is filling out a long boring questionnaire. By changing the design to a more vibrant and clean look, and by asking questions, one-at-a-time in a flirty, fun way, we increased site engagement and raised overall conversion.



Topspin Media

The app that could do everything

Topspin was faced with the excellent problem that they had a powerful app that could do everything from sell concert tickets to manage a band's social media presence. But users frequently got lost, and weren't even aware of some of the coolest features. We exposed some key features, stripped away clutter for a cleaner look and shaved multiple steps off complex user flows.




Inventing a marketplace

Fully mature marketplaces require a site that caters to two completely different audiences, and both group's 100% cooperation. For Tenlegs, we knew we wouldn't have symmetrical adoption by both sides, so we laid out a clear roadmap of goals that supported moving towards a more mature exchange and built the features that would grow that ecosystem.

Refining the look of a media property

How do you make your product interesting, readable, and engaging to users who are inundated with constant information everywhere on the web? The Week has great content, but struggled to find its unique design voice and make its product available on mobile browsers. Through incremental changes over the last few months, we've removed clutter and re-engineered the page to draw attention to the most engaging and shareable stories, driving traffic and clicks.



Exhibit C   ABOUT

Hello. I’m Dagny Prieto. SECRET WPN has been my not-so-secret identity since 2006, when I began consulting with startups and Fortune 500s to create and refine product, user experience and design strategies.

I’ve helped smart startups get off the ground with an initial test product; I’ve helped growing companies optimize and reformulate existing web and mobile apps; I’ve helped large multimillion dollar organizations add millions more to their bottom lines by optimizing their existing web presences. I've worked across nearly every industry and at all sizes, from multinationals to one-woman startups.

I’ve been living on the Web since 1995, when I was first introduced to Netscape in a college computer lab. Since then I’ve built hundreds of sites, focusing primarily on transactional and search apps, media, effective landing pages and smart, integrated products that play well with others on the web.

Previously, I was Director of User Experience and Design at, and before that, a creative director in the agency world. I have a BA from Amherst College in Fine Arts and Philosophy.

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Exhibit D   CONTACT


I am based in Brooklyn, NY. Most of my clients are in NYC, but I have successfully worked with companies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and even Tokyo.

Ready to talk? Get in touch and we’ll set up a time to review your situation, your goals, your budget and your timeline and then define an engagement together. Projects can be tailored to meet your needs, starting at $10k.